The UK has the largest Aerospace industry in Europe and the second largest in the world behind the USA. The UK defence industry is the largest exporter in the EU and generates annual revenues of £24 billion.

QCS UK provides the Aerospace and Defence industries with logistical support to manage time critical and routine shipments of engines, parts, ground maintenance equipment and more.

Our staff have many years of experience in this sector and can help you plan and execute your supply chain strategy.

Our services include –

  • AOG  shipments
  • Aircraft charters
  • Time definite shipments
  • Routine shipments
  • Compliance – Being compliant of customs authorisations and export licencing is vitally important so companies are not subject to post shipping penalties. QCS UK is a specialist customs broker in this field with a large database of HTS classified parts. We provide dedicated logistics advisers to ensure products imported or exported are done compliantly of current rules and regulations.

Defend against the competition by using QCS UK.