Kid Gloves Required – Bespoke Furniture to Hong Kong

When one of our partners asks us to move £200,000 pounds worth of handmade furniture…..they are not sure of the collection addresses just yet, the items range from rare tables, to one off day beds, to cushions; all made at a renowned interiors workshop in London.

Oh and they need to be in Hong Kong in a few days’ time!!

What do QCS UK do……….what we do best……..

We allocate one of our highly trained team to manage this project from start to finish. We coordinate with our trained packing team to organise vehicles, access times, site restrictions and do our best to get a detailed list of items. We coordinate three separate visits and then start packing.


Sounds easy doesn’t it?

All items were very delicate and needed very careful handling, meaning the tight timescales we were working to were being squashed, space to Hong Kong a premium due to the holidays and airlines offering restrictive space.

Our expert team worked closely with all parties to make sure the packing of the freight reduced out of gauge cargo, in turn reducing cost to the client and the risk of off load from the airline. Organising dedicated haulage and premium access to the airline.

Monitoring the shipment from start to finish, keeping the client, architect and shippers up to speed the whole way though. Our knowledge and expert relationships not only meant we met the client’s expectations, but exceeded them to!

Fly It, Ship It, Quick It!

Goods: Bespoke Furniture

Total value: £200,000.00

Total Weight: Over 7000 kgs

Origin: London Heathrow

Destination: Hong Kong