GOING FURTHER and faster…

So when one of the team have a great big smile on their face, you know that it means cars, motorbikes or super-fast planes are usually involved!

We were approached by one of our clients in Cambodia regarding movement of a high value, highly modified (1000 BHP) drift car (BMW M3) from UK to Cambodia.

Race Car

Now you understand why there were smiles!

On this occasion our client wanted someone to travel to look at the car that was being advertised and to check that it ran.

This was a big responsibility and we had one man who was perfect for the job.  Our amateur photographer, handy man, car enthusiast and motorcycle rider, Ray Matthews!  So he jumped in his car and drove to Oxfordshire.

Ray was tasked with attending site, carrying out an extensive inspection of the vehicle, photographing in detail and then providing a report for our client in Cambodia.  We also took a cheeky little video (although I am sure that was just so we could all watch it in the office.)

Race Car

Once our client was satisfied that car was exactly as they had expected and the price had been negotiated we arranged for the supplier to deliver the car to Southampton for loading and securing into a container.

The car was extremely low to the ground so we had the container grounded so that the car could just be driven in and secured.  The car safely arrived and delivered, ready for the proud new owner to put it through her paces.

Race Car

Many companies ship cars, what sets QCS UK apart is that we go the extra mile to understand exactly what our client needs and make it happen. Personal service is at the heart of what we do.


Technical Information:

Good: 1 racing car
Type of job: Export
Dimensions: 449 x 178 x 137
Total weight: 2000 kgs
Origin: London Heathrow, UK
Destiny: Cambodia