Food printing – coming soon to your favourite restaurants!

We’ve talked previously about 3D printing, and how it could affect medicine, health and some other businesses, like construction or even freight. However, printing food sounds as awesome as it can get. Could you imagine being at home, starving and feeling lazy? With food printing, you could just press a button and BOOM, your carrot cake is ready to be eaten!

Food 3D printing is something of a mythical creature. It’s been talked about a lot, and there have been a few sightings of it, but no one’s quite sure if it’s real or not. Well, I think it’s about time someone takes a shot at cracking open the case.

In essence, food 3D printing is this: you take a standard 3D printer, replace the non-edible material (like plastic filament, for example) with something edible, and voilà, you have a food 3D printer! In reality though, the results have been less than amazing. What you typically get with a food 3D printer is a purée of perfectly good food extruded in an interesting-looking shape.

Listen to this Londoners, you might be able to enjoy this prodigious technology in your favourite restaurant. The dishes at Food Ink’s ‘multi-sensory food experience’ are created using a 3D-printer, and produced live in front of the diners’ eyes. Joel Castanye and Mateu Blanch are the chefs behind the nine-course extravaganza, which will be eaten using 3D-printed utensils designed by artist Iwona Lisiecka on 3D-printed chairs designed by Arthur Mamou-Mani.

Sometimes, I wonder if the world is going a bit too far with this kind of technology. But then, I look through my window people catching Pokemon with their phones, and I feel better. Crazy progress is here, my friends, like it or not!