Wedding dresses: our promise

Clothes in general could be considered as a fairly specialised section within the logistics industry. We work with wedding dresses (love is in the air)!

Who hasn´t dreamed of that moment?  That special person, everyone looking at you, the happy couple, and of course,  THE DRESS. An unforgettable experience, indeed. It could be said that QCS UK is making this happen for many brides!

We currently have customers who trust our expertise in handling these wedding dresses and our team have years of knowledge in this field. We will use the recent import of wedding dresses from Vietnam to Manchester to illustrate it.

The client is a leading supplier of wedding dressed based in North Yorkshire. The goods needed to be in Manchester urgently, as it was due to be delivered to a famous fashion fair! This shipment went by air from Vietnam, due to the urgent requirement.

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to keep our customers satisfied, and this is why they trust us with such highly important shipments, establishing a beneficial long term relationship.

QCS UK: our promise – we achieve to make you succeed!

Technical information:

  • Goods: Wedding dresses
  • Type of job: Import
  • Dimensions: 80x46x46
  • Total weight: 500 kilos
  • Origin: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Destiny: Manchester, UK