Terrific Tractors – challenging freight!

Have you ever wondered what goes into shipping two terrific John Deere 1910e Tractors?

Coming in at some 11.6 m long and over 43,000 Kgs and with a value exceeding £250,000 – well Hamburg Sud, John Deere and QCS UK joined forces to far exceed the expectations of the client in Chile.

It is always exciting to get a project that presents a few challenges, and this project started out on that footing. The client’s “adviser” did not fully understand the multiple steps involved in moving these from the UK to Valparaiso and as such had unrealistic expectations of the time and cost involved. With the potential for the freight to be left at port, quick and decisive action was needed.

Leaping into action, a joined up approach and practical solutions by all parties involved meant the goods did sail, the client was happy and further business booked!