Social media in the freight industry + tips

We live in a world where those who aren’t quick enough to innovate and adapt themselves to new environments are condemned to be followers; not leaders. It is essential to be ahead of the curve, in order to offer a dynamic and quality service to our customers.

One of the hottest topics of the moment are online marketing and social media. These terms can be compared with non alcoholic beer or diet coke: all people are talking about them, but nobody really knows what goes into them.

Expectations vs reality

Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter… Today almost every corporation has at least one of these accounts. The aim of these accounts is to reach a higher number of customers or to provide a better online image of the business. Nevertheless, the outcome of using these networks might not match the initial expectation. A reason of failure can be found in the fact that not many enterprises have a specific person for managing these networks. A weak preparation or inadequate knowledge might lead to a misuse of the social media, or ultimately to a poor brand perception in the 2.0 world.

Social media in the freight industry

It’s time to wake up, Generation Y is here.

It is clear that the freight industry remains as a a traditional sector where the personal relationship might not be at the vanguard of new technologies. Nevertheless, these underestimated new technologies, such as social media, can bring our business hundreds of opportunities (especially with the coming generations)

“A pool of 600 senior industry executive attending IATA’s CNS Partnership Conference in Florida revealed that few of them were using social networks or blogs as part of their digital marketing plans, when it’s something that has proved to be a highly cost-effective and productive asset”

 – The Voice of the Independent 

In the same article from The Voice of the Independent, Brook Thomas (Social Business Manager from Southwest Airlines) states that “it is essential for the companies to ensure that their staff were fully involved and understand the benefits of using online technology […] it’s about knowing your people and empowering them to do the right thing”

The challenge now is, how can we take advantage of them?

In QCS UK, we are fully aware of the opportunities that social media and online technology can bring the the freight industry – not only for the companies, but also for the agents and people within the industry.

Simple quick tips for increasing your performance on the social networks (that are easy to understand):


You might know that Linkedin is the most important network for business contacts. However, did you know that you can join groups in Linkedin? This is a great way to meet contacts from your sector and share and read valuable information. You can join up to 50 groups of your interest!


Not many people know that you can advertise on Facebook. Facebook allows you to divide the target audience by segments, such as country, language, interests, age, etc. It is an ideal and cost-effective way of delivering your message to the appropriate customers. Say goodbye to the undesired and lack of interest ads!


With regards to Twitter it requires a significant effort in order to have your account updated and reach potential customers. A efficient way of keeping Twitter updated is linking your account with your blog/linkedin/facebook account. This way, every time you publish something in those accounts, it will automatically be published on the Twitter account. This can be easily done with the software. However, consider that you will need to keep the posts simple and include #hastags, in order for them to work properly on Twitter.