Semiconductor seal to Brazil

Brazil is one of the core markets for QCS UK. Although there have been challenges with currency rates falling, it is still an important rising market for us and one where we have long standing and experienced partners.

The client in the UK is a fast-growing and well known firm that designs, manufacture, sells and supports advanced capital equipment which, as part of the production process for microchips, is used to deposit and remove materials from semi-conducting wafers. Its largest and fastest growing markets are advanced microchip packaging used in smartphones and computers.

Our client’s job involved the delivery of a large semi-conductor seal from the UK to Brazil.

The load was arranged on a step frame trailer, involved coordination with the police and local agencies and required our knowledgeable and professional approach from start to finish. The shipment also had to be weighed with cranes to enable accurate weights for Brazilian Customs.

It flew as booked and took up 6 pallet positions on a freighter aircraft and was delivered safely and with peace of mind for all involved in the process.

Technical information:

  • Goods: Semiconductor seal
  • Dimensions: 18.7m long x 1.93m wide x 1.4m high
  • Total weight: 12,000 kg
  • Origin: Manchester, UK
  • Intermediary airport: Luxemburg
  • Destiny: VCP airport, Brazil