Pallet-ise your life with these creative ideas!

It is true that the freight industry, as many other industries, originates many kilos of waste materials. It’s not a secret. This is important, especially today where an eco-sustainable world is important for future generations. You can now find green and eco-sustainable products in any supermarkets: there is an organic version for most of the food and drinks. You can even find self-called organic and sustainable companies!

What at first can look like a bubble created by companies to create new market niches and charge higher to their customers, it could be in reality a change in the mentality of a big part of the society. They are concerned about the impact of industry on the environment and, what it’s better, they are willing to do something about it!

From the perspective of a freight forwarder, we have to question ourselves: are we going to do nothing about it or are we going to help improve society?

There are many groups that are encouraging enterprises and individuals to recycle and reuse waste materials, with the purpose of creating incredible things! For instance, in our previous article, we discovered some creative ways of recycling shipping containers.

In this article, you will find marvelous ideas to create innovative structures with a simple shipping pallet!

The pallet emergency house

As stated by Wreen (2015) in a Daily Mail article, the “Pallet Home” projects aim to help temporarily re-house millions of people. This house can be built by a team of 4 people in less than 1 week, with a cost of $75!

Did you know that USA throws out 150million pallets a year? The house only needs 100 pallets to be built, which means that pallets waste in USA during a year could be transformed in millions of these emergency houses!

And outdoor pallet lounge

This is a great idea! You don’t need to have engineering or carpentry knowledge to create a garden lounge with pallets. You just need a saw, some screws, cushions, pallets and a bit of patience!

Tip: Don’t forget to sand the pallets before using them as sofas!

A bed frame

You will only need a couple of pallets and some nails! Essentially all you need to do is stack two to three pallets in an area big enough to fit your mattress. If you feel like getting fancy you can go for a more elaborate setup by stringing lights through the underside to add some dramatic effect, coating it in paint, or even suspending it from the ceiling with chains!

A TV unit

Do you want a transportable platform where you can put your TV on and store your books or the PlayStation for the kids? Don’t search more, here it’s a practical and easy solution! You only need a pallet and some wheels (you can buy them cheaply in IKEA or similar)

A backyard patio

For this mission, make sure you use some weatherproof wood paint! A couple of pallets per square metre can be easily transformed into a beautiful backyard, including the floor and the chairs.  You can read a detailed tutorial of how to do it on the following link.

If you are a “pro”, you can even build a swing beside it! You will need some chains, weatherproof stain, sandpaper and some nails. 

A theatre seating

Are there many people in your house but your living room has limited space? This ultimate idea will solve that problem. You only need some pallets to create different height for the seats and voila! Enjoy the films like in the cinema.

A wine rack

I have to recognise that this is one of my favourite ideas. It might look complicated, so that’s why we are sharing this video tutorial with you! This way, you just need to follow some simple instructions to have your own wine rack at home, built with just one pallet! What are you waiting for?

QCS UK compromise

All these examples shows how waste materials can be easily reused to produce impressive items. It’s in our hands whether contributing to these ideas or stay indifferent. For this reason, before we next dispose of unwanted pallets, we are going to consider whether we can build something cool! Maybe a wine rack?