How to raise your profile with LinkedIn

We all have a vague idea of why LinkedIn is the favourite social network for business, but let’s lay some facts on the table.

  1. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 380 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
  2. United Kingdom (19M) is the country with the highest number of users, followed by France (10M) and Italy (8M).
  3. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second.
  4. There are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.
  5. 40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn on a daily basis.

It is a given that LinkedIn, among other social networks, can help you to improve your image in the world 2.0. The questions is, how can it be done?

1.- Create a winning profile

There are various features within your profile that you can use to raise awareness:

Sections – Include relevant information in your profile

Complete the sections in your profile, according to its relevance. Do you speak more than one language? Do you have any significant certification relating to your actual job? Do you have any official publication? Include the relevant information in these sections, according to your actual job or perspectives.

I recommend you to deactivate the option “publish an update your network” while you are revamping your profile, as you don’t want to flood your contacts with all your updates – notify only your relevant updates, in order to maintain a healthy communication with your network.


You can add the skills that better identify you to your profile. Then, your contacts can “endorse” the skills that they consider relevant. If you are good in strategic management, add that skill to your profile and your contacts will be able to endorse it. This way, your skill will actuate as a reference for people who want to know about your abilities and skills.

Tip: Be realistic and concise, don’t try to be too ambitious at first – keep on adding relevant skills as people start endorsing you. Also, never ask people you don’t know for endorsements!


Recommendations in LinkedIn could be seen as the references or testimonials in our CV, but with one advantage – they are accessible for everyone. Do you remember that positive testimonial from your customer, when you successfully managed his big project in China? Ask him to include it in your profile, it can really make the difference!

Tip: Don’t ask people you don’t know for recommendations!!

Leave testimonials to your business network, and they will create relevant references for you as well. Create synergies with your networks, it’s all about positive collaboration!

Professional photo

Include a professional photography in your profile. No, I don’t think that the photo you took of yourself the other day with your phone when you woke up isn’t suitable for this mission. Your photo needs to be professional looking: may have an uniform background, good pixel quality, appropriate clothing, be clear, focused and don’t forget to include a smile (we all look friendlier with a smile!).

” A profile with a professional photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed”
Nicole Williams (LinkedIn official blogger)

2.- Networking

LinkedIn is a great platform to increase your contact networks and meet your future business partners, customers or colleagues. There are many ways of increasing your contact networks:

Join groups

Did you know about the existence of groups in LinkedIn? They can be used to share articles, search relevant information and gain contacts from your same industry or with the same interests. Tips:


  • Carefully read the instructions/statement of each group – interest yourself about the admins, their rules or past discussions
  • Join conversations and discussions – always keep a polite and professional approach
  • Share your opinion, articles, photos, only if you consider that they are relevant for the groups members – otherwise, there won’t be interaction and you will have lost your precious time.


  • Flood different groups with the same copy/paste article or discussion – you can be banned from the group for this.
  • Join groups with a no relevant thematic for you  – you can join up to 50 groups, so choose well!

3.- LinkedIn Pulse: Inspire yourself and others with great ideas and articles

LinkedIn recently launched Pulse, a magazine-inspired feature. In Pulse, you can publish articles, with the option of including the following:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Quotes

Pulse can be used to search for inspiring articles from influences or recognised writers. The written articles will appear in your profile, allowing you to enhance your abilities and experience with relevant information for your contact network.

In addition, you can easily manage Pulse from your phone, with the android and iOS app.

Once you have published your article, you can easily share it in other social networks, eg: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.

If you haven’t realised, this article is created with LinkedIn Pulse!

4.- Create a LinkedIn page for your business

You can create a page for your business in LinkedIn. Note that this page will have different features that a personal account.

  • Add a banner or company logo – essential to increase company awareness, show off your logo!
  • Engage your colleagues – ask them to add the company to their profiles, so they will appear as employees in the company page. Your employees are your best Point Of Sale here!
  • Add more admins to the page – don’t leave all the responsibility over your shoulders and include more admins who can administer the page for you.

5.- Recruit the best candidate with LinkedIn

You are searching for a new employee in order to raise the profile of your business, but you are struggling to find it. Did you know that there are 39 millions of well prepared graduates in LinkedIn? If you are searching for the best prepared generation, you might be able to find them on LinkedIn!