Frozen dried fruit: one small step for QCS UK, one giant leap for logistics

Freeze dried fruit could be considered as a fairly specialised section within the logistics industry. We don´t usually work with food, however, this case study grabbed our attention and we consider it really interesting.

Who hasn´t dreamed about going to space and being an astronaut? Discovering new planets, flying like Buzz Lightyear, maybe fighting with a warrior race of (aliens?) and of course… enjoying the freeze dried fruit and icecream as a fundamental pillar of your diet!! Sounds yummy, doesn´t it?

We currently have some customers who trust our expertise in handling these kind of products and our team have years of knowledge in this field. We will use the recent import of frozen dried fruit and ice cream from the USA to Manchester as a case study to illustrate this rare and unique kind of shipment:

The client is a leading supplier of this unique product based in Newcastle. The goods needed to be in Manchester urgently, as it was due for testing with real astronauts!!

As you might know, in this precise moment, Major Tim Peake is at the International Space Station. Crazy to think – could he be one of the Astronauts dining on some of the freeze dried fruit that we imported!! Crazy, isn´t it?

This shipment went by air, due to the urgent requirement. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to keep our customers satisfied, and this is why they trust us with such highly important shipments, establishing a beneficial long term relationship.

QCS UK: to infinity and beyond!!