Drones: the imagined future happening now!

It was one of those typical days where you are just navigating between enormous amounts of information, when I stumbled across something that grabbed my attention. It was a French article written in 1900, trying to imagine how life would be in the XXI century!! In the middle of some coherent and totally unrealistic predictions, I realised that those people imagined flying as a standard way of transportation for many people and goods!! Could you imagine going to work with a small flying machine or serving food with the help of wings? Crazy, right? …or maybe not!

You might have heard about drones. Those little machines which can be remotely controlled… yes, similar to that remote control aircraft that you always wanted for Christmas when you were a child! Nevertheless, these machines are becoming more complex and are capable of doing incredible things… similar to those that were predicted in the article!

You probably know Amazon, the giant marketplace where you can buy anything. This firm is characterised for its quick sending of parcels and its detailed attention to customer needs. What you might not know, it’s that they are experiencing with delivering products with Drones! If you don’t believe it, check out this advertisement where they show how it could work in the future.


Dodo Pizza

In a similar way, the Asian competitor of Amazon, Alibaba, is also testing drone delivering for small goods. But they are not the only ones!! For instance, a Russian fast food chain (Dodo Pizza) claims to have taken a slice out of the competition by becoming the first to offer pizza delivery by drone. Check out their video, which showed the first airdrops of pizzas to customers and promised the service was not just a one-time PR stunt.


When it comes to a sustainable and real life use, especially regarding the logistics industry, there are many aspects that would need to be taken into account. For instance, these drones would need a reserved air space for them, as otherwise they could interfere with airline routes or emergency vehicles, such as police helicopters. Moreover, once the package is delivered, there is the need of having a signed proof of delivery. Who would sign the POD in this case? Finally, at delivery, someone will need to be at home to pick up the package (unless drones copy Santa Claus and throw the packages through the chimney).

What do you think of the use of drones for delivering? Would you like QCS UK to arrange a drone delivery for your company in the future?  Not yet, but maybe in the future!!

Leave your comments and let us know if you find this alternative as a realistic way of innovating in the logistics industry or it’s just another crazy idea!