Alex, our new social media and marketing intern

In QCS UK, we consider that freight forwarding industry could benefit in many ways from the social media and new online technologies. For that reason, we incorporated to our team a marketing and social media intern from the prestigious university of Reading. His name is Alex, and he is in charge of the online marketing strategy. Check out his interview, discover his background and benefit from his advice! 


Q: So tell us about your background

After completing a university year in Spain, I decided to join my family wine business. My role mainly consisted of creating new wine brands for different Spanish regions, developing a strong online presence and managing a website and an online shop.  I spent 2 years working there, but I felt like I needed a new challenge and, of course, to continue my higher education. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to pack my bags and come to England when my cousin talked to me about the UK universities. Although my English wasn’t great at first, I worked really hard to be in the top 10 students in the Foundation year, progressing to my first year, where I got a first.

Q: Can you explain your role at QCS?

I am in charge of creating a long term online marketing strategy, with a significant effort on the planning of the new webpage and the refreshment of the online corporate image. In addition, I’m conducting an analysis of all the past marketing strategy of the company, with an extensive competitor market research, in order to lead QCS ahead of the curve.

Q: So why did you choose to work in QCS?

Well, I thought that the freight forwarding industry was an interesting challenge for me. It is perceived as a traditional business, with low effort on the new online technologies, such as social media or e-commerce. This means that it’s a “virgin” territory, where I could implement many of my ideas. Also, Rachel’s team is really dynamic and friendly, which is always essential to implement any marketing strategy.

Q: How can any enterprise benefit from the use of social media and online marketing?

The online presence of an enterprise in the 2.0 world is becoming nearly as important as the offline presence. This fact is crazy, taking into account that the first social networks were created less than 10 years ago. From a customer perspective, the online presence incurs in more interaction with the brand. Many firms use social media to launch contests, offers or simply to increase the possibilities of being seen by customers. In addition, the majority of these social networks are including now the option of use paid advertisements to reach segmented customers.

Q: What are your hobbies?

I like playing football. Also, I am a DJ and I used to perform for really big audiences (more than 3000 people!) Apart from that, I like risky sports, and I’ve done cannoning in the Pyrenees, rafting in “La Sierra de Guara” or caving in South Wales. I think it’s a great way of releasing adrenaline and face your inner fears.

Q: A conclusion?

For some traditional enterprises, these possibilities regarding online marketing and social media might be difficult to spot. Nevertheless, generation Y is here, and they are willing to change the playground rules. It is up for the enterprises to be followers or to be leaders.