Racing and classic cars

Racing and classic cars could be considered as a fairly specialised section within the logistics industry. It is fundamental for the freight forwarders to have a trustworthy and professional team whose experience and knowledge will ensure the success of the shipping process. In QCS UK, racing and classic cars are part of our core market and we are looking to develop this as a specialised area of our expertise.

We currently have several customers who trust our expertise in handling these products and our team have years of knowledge in this field. Most of the cars we ship are high valued cars, and recently, we have had a request to ship a 1964 Aston Martin DB4, which was worth over £500,000. In addition, we will use the recent shipment of a racing car to Singapore as a case study to illustrate our team’s capacities in this sector.

The client was a leading motor sport company based in Singapore. The car needed to be in Singapore urgently, as it was due for testing the following week. In this case we used Singapore Airlines as they have a direct service to Singapore airport and we could not afford any delays.

For this shipment, the shipper delivered the car to us and we got our warehouse to securely attach the car to an airline pallet with the required straps. Moreover, we had it ETD’d for airline security purposes.

This shipment went by air, due to the urgent requirement, but we also send many cars by sea. In regards with sea movements there is new container racking available, which protects the cars from any damage and enables us to safely fit four cars into a forty foot container. The new racking allows for a good amount of space between the car roof and the top of the container; this stops any damage happening to the car roof when the vessel hits rough seas.

We offer all different types of insurance for classic and sport cars, and have really increased our buying power in this market. In addition, we have a large network of professional car hauliers which can collect from any address in the UK and deliver to any port required.

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to keep our customers satisfied, and this is why they trust us with such high value shipments, establishing a beneficial long term relationship.

Technical information:

  • Good: 1 racing car
  • Type of job: Export
  • Dimensions: 440x200x173 metres
  • Total weight: 1978
  • Origin: London Heathrow, UK
  • Destiny: Singapore